Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wild Strawberry Season

The Woodland or California Strawberry - they're here and at their peak! Of course, with each berry a mere quarter inch across, it is hard to get your fill even with a few acres of berry patch. Although, that depends on the size of the person, to an extent...

This is one of the California native species; ours are actually the same species that in Europe is called an "Alpine Strawberry", Fragaia vesca. (You can get the seeds from our Amazon store if you have to have them yourself...). When ripe and at their best, they are very dark red and intensely flavorful. Sort of like having taken a large commercial strawberry and having extracted all the flavor, and then packing it into a very small berry. This is a part of Spring I always look forward to, and now is the time to find these!

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