Friday, July 19, 2013

Pocket Botany: 0 - A Brief Introduction

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A Brief Introduction

When my husband and I first met at Caltech in the earliest 90s we shared a wide-ranging love of nature. Class field trips, impromptu hikes and our own research led us far afield, exploring California's  geology, fauna and flora.

As I've mentioned before, my husband Rob is a botanist.  Self-taught, he is an expert in California flora as well as the bulbs and Mediterranean floristic zones of South Africa and Australia. Under his tutelage, I became conversant enough in Californian and desert botany (Mojave and Sonoran) to work as a botanical field assistant.

Fast forwarding a few decades, Rob and I married and while raising my two older children, decided to have one of our own.

Our sweet little guy entered our lives in April of this year. 

The Pocket Botany series unveils the small pockets of time when we take our little naturalist out and about to discover the natural world, usually meaning its plants and mycorrhizals. We hope you enjoy and are inspired by our stories.

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